QPES 2015 (PES 2015 licence patch) DLC 4

QPES 2015 (PES 2015 licence patch) DLC 4

– 2015 winter transvers
– DLC 4.00 (last KONAMI update)
– Real names for all teams
– Real logos and emblems for all teams
– Real kits and colors for all teams
– Real names of coaches
– Real stadium names with real preview
– Better pitch and white lines
– No WE-PES replay logo
– No WE-PES balls
– PS4 pad & buttons

To use this patch, no need previous qpes versions.

QPES 2015 (PES 2015 licence patch)

QPES 2015 (PES 2015 licence patch)

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31 comments on “QPES 2015 (PES 2015 licence patch) DLC 4
  1. zaki says:

    thanks for the patch but it doesent want to be downloaded

  2. Aca says:

    Nema Bundes lige,kad sam instalirao…kako da je vratim?

  3. make says:


  4. Anonymous says:


  5. jamalkaze says:


  6. Skyhook says:

    Hi, does this patch includes the PSD stats for the players? thanks!

  7. Sss says:

    How can I change the controller back to Xbox 360?

  8. babal says:

    link not available.. please update

  9. anon says:

    uploaded.net SUCK

  10. Bundesligue says:

    I haven’t Bundesligue!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t Bundesligue

  12. Ben says:

    I’ve downloaded a PES 2015 patch. It’s on my USB stick. How do I get this patch onto my Xbox One?

  13. hamed says:

    link not available.. please update MEGA please !

  14. misho says:

    This patch is only for PC.

  15. Thunder says:

    After downloading the patch, how can I apply it to the game? Please!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    no sound after installing

  17. babacar says:


  18. babacar says:

    pes2014 2015

  19. babacar says:

    pro évolution soccer 2015

  20. luis camacho says:


  21. JOAQUIN says:

    pes 2013

  22. Djordje says:

    I installed this patch and when i run game it say:
    Unable to load because the data is from a different version.
    Please download new contect and update the data.
    I have 1.01.00 version. What i need to do? PLEASE HELP

  23. ZLA says:

    beko logo on FC Barcelona kit is too small and the unicef logo is gone on UEFA FC Barcelona kit.

  24. Kristijan says:

    How do I apply this to the game?

  25. g4 says:


  26. Mario says:

    behnoud می‌گه:agha man pach 2.8 ro nasb kardam vali moghe bala omaadne bazi mkzane data pack3.0 version 1.00!!!!!!!mage nbayad 1.03 bshe???????chikar konam ?????

  27. Chris Fou says:

    Guys it doesn’t work doesnt have the qpes exe or the settings please help

  28. Chris Fou says:

    i have to update the game or something to play it ?

  29. Chris Fou says:

    can you to a tutorial how to do it?

  30. zoheer says:

    Very good

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