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QPES v14 been featured in the new version

The new version of Pro Evolution Soccer patch for PES 2013 (qpes v15), has been released in February 2015. This version are available only for our premium users. In qpes v14 are updatetd all transfers for season 2015/2016. Save 50% and get premium patch only for 5€.
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QPES v14 content

Season 2015/2016
PSD stats (players stats from
All transfers are done (05.09.2015.)
All teams, league and competition are licensed
12000 players in OF and DB
Shirt formation player icon
Formation style position icon changed
PS3 pad and buttons
Menu graphics changed
Scoreboard changed
Real referee kits
Real sponsor in ML
ML start in 2015
Added balls pack 2015
Added boots pack 2015
Added adboards, stadiumboards and leds
Added chants
Added trophy
No Konami replay logo
No baners
No blur
No network checking
Better lines on the field
New grass
Real stadiums names
Default Konami gameplay



Leagues in patch:

Premier League
Ligue 1
Serie A
Liga NOS

D2=Sky Bet Championship
Other Teams (36 teams)

How to download?

This patch is now included in qpes v15 and available only for Premium qpes users.

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