Football game is better with qpes

Seven years ago, a group of three enthusiastic students released the first update of the popular football game PES. Seeing that clients are satisfied, we worked worth and followed the developments of the football game because we wanted to announce in right time identified deficiencies of the basic game. All our work and effort are published in the form of download on our website, which is available free for anyone who wants to take. Our goal is to have timely new patch and to share it with customers in the short term, likewise we will do it in the future.

How look graphic in PES football game

Xabi Vidic Football Game

Xabi and Vidic in football game

How look football game with qpes

Who is better PES or FIFA?

Pro Evolution Soccer is football game designed for people of lower income families. He can play anyone on any computer. That freedom that pulls the anarchy makes us like her. It is a fight between good and evil. Or our fight against the New World Order.

SeeĀ comparison FIFA vs PES

What is your experience of the all versions football games (Fifa, PES, PES including patches)?

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2 comments on “Football game is better with qpes
  1. Kevin lihardo says:

    error to open (pro evolution soccer by Qpes) after installing.
    “this file is not installed correcly. please reinstall” how to fix that problem?

  2. says:

    Hey, thanks for the article.Really thank you! Awesome.

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