qpes v11 patch winter transfers for pes 2013

QPES v11 is PES 2013 Patch with content

Football Season winter 2013/2014

This Pes 2013 Patch is based on PSD stats players stats from ending january 2014
Shirt formation player icon
Formation style position icon changed
PS3 pad and buttons
Menu graphics changed
Scoreboard changed
Real referee kits
No Konami balls (balls pack added – balls for all leagues)
No Konami adboards, stadiumboards and leds
No Konami replay logo
No Konami boots
No baners
No blur
No network checking
Chants added
Better lines on the field
New grass
Real stadiums names
Default Konami gameplay

qpes 2013 patch v11

qpes patch v11

Leagues and teams:

  • Premier League with winter transfers 2013/2014
  • Ligue 1 with winter transfers 2013/2014
  • Serie A with winter transfers 2013/2014
  • Eredivisie wiht winter transfers 2013/2014
  • Liga BBVA with winter transfers 2013/2014
  • Liga Zon Sagres with winter transfers 2013/2014
  • Bundesliga with winter transfers 2013/2014
  • Brasileiro Série A winter transfers 2013/2014
  • Russian Football Premier League 2013/2014 (follow us on VK.com)
  • Ukrainian Premier League

See video illustration on youtube

New Stuff qpes v11

In this version Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2013 Patch you can find complete winter transfers until 01/02/14 in leagues/countries where deadline is met on that date.
Note : transfers are still on in RPL (Russian Football Premier League), UPL(Ukrainian Premier League) and some other European countries.
300+ new faces in GDB folder
300+ new players made
Complete lineups of most of the teams
some new formations made under new coaches
PSD stats updated with 31/12/2013 General stuff made in QPES 2013 patch Added Bundesliga and  Russian Football Premier League
Corrected kits for all Premier League teams and many unlicensed National Teams
Corrected boots, accesories, shirtname
Fixed team names and emblems for Premier League and Liga ZON Sagres teams
Corrected player names for unlicensed National Teams
Fixed names and emblems for all competitions

Tools used for creating patch

How to install pes 2013 patch qpes v11

After download see step to step how to install pes 2013 patch

Download Pes Patch qpesIf you have any problem or impressions please comment.

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126 comments on “qpes v11 patch winter transfers for pes 2013
  1. samir says:

    dobar pacht

  2. hello says:

    Hello. I can’t download it from mega.co.nz could you please upload to turbobit or another one ??

  3. Oscar says:

    Is it based on DLC 6.0& V1.04?

  4. Shomi_89 says:

    Pozz,ja ne vidim nigde link za donwload za v11…Moze pomocc?

  5. misho says:

    @hello you can download from google drive
    @Shomi_89 upisi e-mail i stitice ti na mail link.

  6. misho says:

    @Shomi_89 Ima i opcija share 🙂

  7. droga says:

    jaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dajte link normalno sto komplikujete

  8. misho says:

    @droga k’o da si Bosanac! 🙂

  9. mahmuodalex2 says:


  10. jaka billal says:

    I can’t download from mega.c.nu…
    pleae upload to indowebster or other…

  11. mohammed says:

    there is no link to download

  12. diaa eldien says:

    very good

  13. Dusan says:

    Kako da skinem pech? ko je uspeo da preuzme pec neka mi pomogne.
    Ne vidim nigde Download :/

  14. jk says:

    Hey there,

    Here is the download link you requested:

    After clicking this link you will not need to enter your email address anymore on the site.

    Thanks again and enjoy 🙂

  15. David says:

    Da li moram da imam neke prethodne verzije patch-a ili mogu samo ovu da skinem??

  16. Diego says:

    Thanks for the patch, pes 2013 is much better than 2014

  17. Noddy says:

    raja kod mene nece da se skine patch sa mega..prvi put stalo na 81% sada na 65%..imate li prijedlog kakav, drugi link ili Torrent kakav bi bilo najpozeljnije..

    Guys i cant download the patch with mega .. first stopped at 81% now at 65% .. do you have some suggestion, the second link, or Torrent would be most desired ..


  18. Dača says:

    Ljudi ne rade vam linkovi više, ne moze se skinuti

  19. P_man says:

    why not support DLC 6.0& V1.04?

  20. Abd0 says:

    Nice <3 ♥

  21. Djordje sPe says:

    Ne radi opcije shere i ne mogu da dobijem link

  22. jagos says:

    Nece vec 2 dana da mi otvori link! dajte nes jednostavno bez slanja na e-mail

  23. superMario says:

    sto mi nece da se otvori da instaliram ,pise failed-disk full http://prntscr.com/2tcltu

  24. misho says:

    You don’t have free space on your hdd

  25. Coder says:

    Torrent link please

  26. dhanu says:

    my qpes stopped working

  27. kamatshoo says:

    nice patch

  28. Marko91 says:

    Zašto uvek kad god uđem da promenim formaciju, izbaci me iz igre?

  29. muhammed says:

    i have a problem that the game stops while making the formation , i am using windows 8.1 , can you help me , please ?

  30. Losmi0211 says:

    moze link losmi021@gmail.com

  31. hamza says:

    good patech

  32. hamza says:

    nice patech

  33. John says:

    Great Patch.
    Thank You

  34. MIchael18 says:

    it doesnt play music

  35. MIchael18 says:


  36. basem shaban says:

    nice patch

  37. Francisco Madrid says:

    pes 2013

  38. Aurelijus says:

    I want to see there Seria B from italy please

  39. Guillermo says:

    Hello!! I installed the qpes v11. Is possible to put it in spanish? How can i put the commentary in spanish too? Thank you very much

  40. zile says:

    instalirao sam v11 na laptopu ali ga otvori preko integrisane graficke,pa mi sece,a ne znam kako da namestim na drugu graficku,ako neko zna neka pomazeeeee

  41. Ever says:

    I have a problem that the game stops while doing the training, I am using Windows 8 64-BIT, you can help me, please?

    tengo un problema que el juego se detiene mientras que hace la formación, Estoy utilizando Windows 8 de 64bits, usted me puede ayudar, por favor?

  42. Velja says:

    Dajte link za skidanje 🙂

  43. Icooooo says:

    very nice game and patch

  44. Djoshkun says:

    where I can make boots can you tell me which folders are ?

  45. Mik94 says:

    italian not is available?

  46. vitor says:

    hey, i cant download patch, please help me…tell me a link, ok?

  47. Stefan says:

    Zasto nece da radi link za qpes v11.

  48. Stefan says:

    Postoji mozda drugi link

  49. daki says:

    A jel moram da brisem PESEDIT patch da bi instalirao ovaj?

  50. Julian says:

    this patch work in ps3 DLC 6.0 ??

  51. misho says:

    No. Only PC.

  52. Ivan Krajinovic says:

    Patch skidate tako sto postavite tamo dole vas e-mail,morate imati Google nalog i kada posaljete tj stavite vas e-mail u prazno polje idite na vas mail i u inboxu u e-mailu imate link za download. 🙂

  53. jovica says:


  54. sdfa says:

    Kako da skinem?!

  55. Marko says:


  56. jhon says:

    Instale el parche v11 y funciona pero juego un rato y voy a editar la alineacion o a ver el estado de los jugadores y se cierra despues de unos segundos de aver visto la alineacion, dice q hay un error.

    me pueden ayudar con ese problema? Muchas gracias

  57. Anonymous says:


  58. Danilo says:


  59. Edno says:

    Why I can’t put Kovacic in Croatia? When I try put someone in the national team i found only 38 players and the Inter’s player isn’t one of them. Can you help me? Probably this happens with other players as well, don’t know for sure.

  60. Miljan says:

    Use pes editor and replace any croatian player with Kovacic

  61. Nikola says:

    Hoće biti neki update? Ne bi bilo loše da se ubaci i noviji oficijalni peč.

  62. Sale says:

    I have problem with crashing, usually when i want to change formation . How to fix the problem. I’m using WIN 7 x64. Tnx a lot. Great patch

  63. Cristhian says:


  64. GUMUNYU says:

    torrent pliz

  65. franco says:

    esta re buno wacho

  66. Pes Player says:

    Please fix classic teams:where is falcao in brazil,di stefano argentina,best england…….

  67. ABEL says:

    pes 2013

  68. sasa says:


  69. Tihomir Rajicic says:

    I’m having a big problem. I cant walk with players in witch direction I want because it keeps changing preset tactics when I pres arrows and arrows only. Does anyone know how this can be fixed/managed ?

  70. Jeff says:

    Hi QPES,

    I found out that there’s a problem with the face of Casemiro (Real Madrid). Whenever I selected him PES immediately stopped working. I could not even edit him as well. Can you please fix? Thanks!

  71. DAVID says:

    Muy bueno sigan adelante….

  72. Tomi says:


  73. М says:

    Зашто кад год покушам други пут да уђем у игрицу неће уопште да се отвори, а иначе када сам је први пут инсталирао онда је хтело?!

  74. A says:

    Nije mi jasno,instalirao sam i sve uradio sto treba,objasnite mi.
    Kliknuo sam na ikonicu i cekao da ucita ali nece da udje ne vredi.Sto nece?

  75. joseph says:

    How can I put back Liga Zon Sagres?

  76. Bagol says:

    Will there be a new patch for 2014/2015 season on PES 2013?

  77. Joseph Salazar says:

    Es Excelente el parche, hace falta que actualicen los uniformes de las selecciones ya que solo hay unas y las otras son del 2013 no del 2014.Lo bueno es que las ligas si están actualizadas y falta mejorar unos cuantos jugadores como teofilo, falcao, cuadrado…

  78. SIKI says:

    volim i ja vas

  79. Anonymous says:

    dajte link.hvala

  80. robert says:

    Funciona para ps3?

  81. mohamef says:

    Gps tu jefatura

  82. uross says:

    There is a problem with cup mode, fifa world cup, south korea, if you want to change formation and stuff before the game, game crashes. I hope you understand.

  83. Domagoj Blagaj says:


  84. abcc says:

    AFTER i installed the patch my console dosnt work… the players in games not runinng.. the buttons controller is not working. WHAT TO DO

  85. omar says:

    es bueno

  86. omar says:

    es bueno descargeblo

  87. sebastian says:


  88. Chego says:

    como descargo el juego no encuentro el instalador y que programa necesito tener para poder instalarlo porque me descargo el qpes-wc2014 y no puedo instalar

  89. Junior says:

    Que chevere

  90. michael varela says:

    i needed

  91. Doda says:

    Meni ne stize ni na jedan gmail imam 2 😛 juce sam poslao jos nije stiglo sad sam poslao pre 10 min opet nije stiglo na share nece nzm zasto samo me vrati na pocetak 😛
    Moze pomoc ???

  92. Doda says:

    Naso sam link u komentarima al to je BROWSER tako da…. i sve sam pokusao share like sveeee

  93. anar666 says:

    Hi plz help me.i had downlaod and install qpes 11.But i cant open game..had writen wrong

  94. Anonymous says:

    please?? I’want update 2014-15 for pes 13

  95. kazo says:


  96. luis manuel says:


  97. orkax says:

    My mail cant receive it.Can you guys give me the link?pls Thank u .

  98. grillo says:

    cuando saldra la version 12 del qpes para pes 2013?osea para la temporada 14/15

  99. kerem says:

    wtf. where is James Rodriguez at Real Madrid. F..k this patch!

  100. jhair says:

    cuando saldra el parche para la temporada 14-15

  101. DesignerSaverio says:

    congratulations for the excellent work.
    I would like to know if there will be a patch with all transfers and new teams 2014-2015 for PES 2013?

    Thanks and good job

  102. dominik says:

    When we can expect update patch to PES 13 with summer transfers 2014?

  103. Melean says:

    They’ll get the signings of the 2014-2015 season?

  104. pman says:

    plz…. plz….. qpes v12 patch summer transfers 2014/15 for pes 2013

  105. Ayman.elkayem says:


  106. Nehemy says:

    Cuando saldrá la actualización 2014-2015??

    gracias Muy bueno el parche!

  107. David says:


  108. Dusan says:

    V12 update?

  109. daniel says:


  110. JTDO28 says:

    QPES only going to get 11 for pes 2013 version or later versions take out more. I like to take out more versions of pes 2013 greetings from Colombia

  111. Nemanja says:


  112. serious says:

    v gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  113. Sss says:

    zasto nemam sve timove a sve sam uradio kako treba?

  114. Marko says:

    Kako da popravim problem nece da se ukljuci a reinstalirao sam

  115. alexis paul says:

    q bacan

  116. david says:

    groso totales muy bueno el parche

  117. Waseem says:

    please give me the link guys ??

  118. Tadek says:

    Niczego sobie 🙂

  119. ramooooos says:

    почемуона у меня каждые 5-10 минут вылетает а при выборе реала то сразу что делать

  120. ramy says:

    i can’t download the
    file ???!!!!!!

  121. insurancewhisper says:

    Appreciate you sharing, great post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

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