PES 2013 patch Season 2014/2015 (qpes v12)

Try PES 2013 Patch qpes v15 winter trasfers for 2016

Season 2014/2015

PSD stats (players stats from Pesstatsdatabase)
All transfers are done (01.10.2014.)
All teams, league and competition are licensed
12000 players in OF and DB
Added 3500 faces and 3000 hairs
Shirt formation player icon
Formation style position icon changed
PS3 pad and buttons
Menu graphics changed
Scoreboard changed
Real referee kits
Real sponsor in ML
Added balls pack – balls for all leagues
Added boots pack
Added adboards, stadiumboards and leds
Added chants
Added trophy
No Konami replay logo
No baners
No blur
No network checking
Better lines on the field
New grass
Real stadiums names
Default Konami gameplay
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qpes v12

Premier League
Ligue 1
Serie A
Other Teams – Europa (42 teams)
Other Teams Latin America (20 teams)
UEFA Champions League (all 32 teams)

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110 comments on “PES 2013 patch Season 2014/2015 (qpes v12)
  1. Anonymous says:

    River plate is wrong

  2. alex says:

    super cool

  3. Yahia Saber says:

    where’s Hamoudi in basel :/ ??

  4. Ognjen says:

    Please put a link to download qpes v12 or send me an e-mail link for download. thank you

  5. essam hissan says:

    i want pv12

  6. essam hissan says:


  7. alonso says:


  8. jokash says:

    ada izbacite taj torrent da narod skine ovo a ne da se mucimo preko ovih bezveznih linkova stvarno

  9. ivesh says:


  10. vayquara says:

    why show data pack 4.00 ver 1.00 on start screen??? my dlc 4.0, official patch 1.04

  11. vayquara says:

    why show data pack 4.00 ver 1.00 on black start screen??? my dlc 4.0, official patch 1.04

  12. vayquara says:

    why show data pack 4.00 ver 1.00 on black start screen??? my dlc 6.0, official patch 1.04

  13. rohy says:

    link please? liked and shared, no link yet ! 🙁

  14. Pes2013 says:

    Kako se ovo skida?? Lajkujem i podelim a i dalje nema link. Moze li neko da da link??

  15. yunan says:

    how did 2nd division for all league ? Is there selector or what ? Tell me for this. thank you 😀 ! i like this patch

  16. amineami says:


  17. sebastian says:

    no lo puedo bajar! i can’t download!! =(

  18. Dauda says:

    can u give me a link to download dis version of qpes

  19. rohy says:

    torrent please????

  20. usiel says:

    mmuy bueno el parche

  21. Fitnes says:

    Misho, can you set this file on Mega? It’s easyer to download. Please?

  22. Mansoor says:

    torrent link please…not able to open links ;'(

  23. Stevan says:

    najzad,ako neko hoce da igra 1 na 1 preko hamacija neka mi se javi preko email.pozzzzzzzzzzzz

  24. dorian says:

    torrent please!!!!

  25. eduardo says:


  26. johny says:

    another link please link 1 doesnt work

  27. DesignerSaverio says:

    Upload on torrent, please

  28. ariel78 says:

    No se puede descargar..pónganlo en torren o mega por favor.

  29. kuzon says:


  30. Vlada says:

    ajde neko da stavi preko torenta, ovo ide na 50 kbs i stigne do 200 i prekine, greska u mrezi!!!

  31. fayemi samuel says:

    pls i nid v12 link

  32. deibys says:

    no lo puedo descargar sale otra cosa

  33. Anonymous says:

    link please

  34. Dexi88 says:

    I have a problem with qpes v12 play one game at the beginning when I install but after that every time I come into the game throws me out of it. Can it help me what to do how to set it to work. otherwise you are very good.

  35. Dexi88 says:

    имам проблем са qpes v12 одиграм једну utakmicu на pocetku кад instaliram пач после тога сваки пут кад уђем у игрицу избаци ме из ње. Да ли може помоћ шта да радим како то да наместим да ради. иначе јако сте добри.

  36. مصلح says:


  37. mohamed says:


  38. luis felipe says:


  39. John says:

    No Atletico Nacional de Medellin NO PARTY!!!!!

  40. Interpersempre says:

    Kako da otpakujem ovo

  41. Anonymous says:


  42. skul9x says:

    Thank you. It’s cool!!!

  43. Isam says:

    probleme “pro evolution soccer 2013 a cessé de fonctionner”

  44. Anonymous says:


  45. parias says:

    Uploaded ? :ccccc

  46. stefan says:

    zasto nema klubova ima samo reprezentacije klubova uopste nema

  47. Djole says:

    Moze neko na mail da mi pošalje link za skidanje, ja lajkujem/šerujem, ali neće skida mi nešto na nekom sajtu ne znam ni šta instalira, ako neko zna kako to da rešim i da lepo skinem peč, neka javi?

  48. beyrem Hosny says:

    plz do that patch work on ps3 ? or this is only for PC ? Thanks

  49. angelo says:

    esto es genial me gusta

  50. prabu says:

    Hi there, is there a way to install this patch to ps3?

  51. perkan says:

    Kad skinem instalacija ima samo 16mb a kad instaliram dobijem samo tri fajla bez ikonice za ulazak u igricu u cemu je problem?

  52. perkan says:

    kakda insataliram izadju mi dva fajla oba su u cpk formatu kad ih prebacim na .exe nece ni onda u cemu je problem?

  53. Korab Abazi says:

    Please can you Give me the link

  54. stefan lazic says:

    zasto nema klubova ja skinuo ovo samo reprezentacije klubova uopste nema????
    molim te pomozi.

  55. GEORGE says:


  56. GEORGE says:

    it doesnt play

  57. misho says:

    I don’t know what you made.

  58. misho says:

    Neka je greška kod tebe.

  59. misho says:

    On download page you can find,

  60. misho says:

    Skinuo si patch za 2015 a ne 2013.

  61. misho says:

    This patch no for ps3. I don’t know how to install on ps3.

  62. misho says:

    Much work. Not will be available for ps3.

  63. Rida says:

    can we use gameplay tool with this patch .. please i want an answer

  64. zakarja says:

    very good

  65. pestatsdatabase says:

    Chelsea players stats are totally different from pestatsdatabase..Update pleaseeeee??? thank youuuuuu

  66. Jordan says:

    PLEASE PLEASE disable boot boosting in your next patch! Otherwise, good work and keep going!

  67. pes2013 says:


  68. pes2013 says:

    Next Patch Season 2015/2016 for qpes

  69. miki says:

    i download patch and install and when i run patch it wrote pes is hasnt been instaled.PLEASE HELP!!!

  70. miki says:


  71. miki says:

    please speak english!!!

  72. miki says:

    Please answer me i can not play this patch!!!!

  73. nongping says:

    nice !!!

  74. Anonymous says:

    thank you

  75. waseem says:

    where is the link of the patch ???????

  76. milos says:

    Patch is very good,but need 6 clubs from europa league :slovan bratislava,qarabag,dinamo minsk,aalborg,astra and lokeren.please add this 6 clubs in patch update v13 and that will be best patch in the world.And you will get many likes from this 6 countries and rest of europe!!!!

  77. milos says:

    Misho burazzz odgovori mi molim te oce li biti jos ovih 6 klubova sto fale iz europa lige????molim te mi odgovori!to bi onda bilo EKSTRA,aj jos to i vise nista ne treba!!!

  78. hamza says:

    a5ra usadara li pse2013

  79. charlie says:

    i like pes2013

  80. Victor says:

    i like pes 2013

  81. Wojts1234 says:

    I installed QPESv12 and the game lags… 60 FPS, but after 10 seconds the screen lags, while the game goes on, and after 1 second freeze, it runs ahead with present situation, so i can’t do anything for 1 second in the game (to shoot, to kick the ball, to chase enemy, nothing)

  82. Nikola says:

    Da li će biti nova verzija, sa zimskim transferima?

  83. Alex says:


  84. Jetmir says:

    How to add new boot plz

  85. Alireza says:

    Please Send PES 2013 Patch QPES v12 (Season 2014/2015) to my

  86. rasec says:


  87. Anonymous says:

    wher the new update season 2015-2016 ??

  88. larbi kerrouche says:


  89. rydn870 says:

    pls qpes v13

  90. Anonymous says:


  91. emanuel says:

    es una pagina muy buena y recomendada

  92. nmn says:

    kako da uopshte skinem bilo koji patch a da nije pes 2015 dlc 4.0 ocu pes 13 patch i ni jedan nmg da skinem pomozite…

  93. luis campos longar says:

    me gustaria juagarlo para jugar en linea y tener todo lo nuevo en pro evolution soccer 2013

  94. luis campos longar says:

    si ojala lo tenga sisisisis pes 13 vamos tio se que podemos vamos cojo jugaremos en linea contra otros chavos vamos

  95. fareshmk says:


  96. jose says:


  97. qwert says:


  98. ilyes says:

    i lov

  99. fi5z says:

    The application doesnt work, it always shows: Pro Evolution has stopped working.
    I’m running a PES’13 V1.04 with data pack 5.0 already installed.

    Problem Event Name: BEX
    Application Name: Pro Evolution Soccer.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 50237958
    Fault Module Name: kload.DLL
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 509f9dd5
    Exception Offset: 0000d2df
    Exception Code: c0000417
    Exception Data: 00000000
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 382c
    Additional Information 2: 382c4dc3bcf52923ec923afdfd136348
    Additional Information 3: 3ba3
    Additional Information 4: 3ba32bbe083db18272f3ce925f13df9d
    Is there anything i can do to fix this?

  100. laza says:

    kako da skinem patch

  101. mirshod says:

    Why Master League and Tournament not working????

  102. johnny says:

    it would be better if they put liga son sarges instead of the russian football premier league

  103. Jovan Kozoderovic says:


  104. simouh says:


  105. pious says:

    please how to download it

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