qpes 2015 beta (Pes 2015 Patch)

This is first update for Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 – qpes 2015 beta (Pes 2015 Patch). This update us absolute free for download and use. One click installation.

qpes 2015 beta content:

Licensed teams and Logos:
Premier League (Full)
Championship (Full)
Ligue 1 (Full)
Ligue 2 (Full)
Eredivisie (Full)
Serie A (Full)
Serie B (Full)
Liga BBVA (Full)
Liga Adelante (Full)
Primeira Liga Portugal (Full)
Brasileirão (Full)


Premier League Kits
Names and logos of the cup

Pes 2015 patch qpes 2015 beta

Pes 2015 patch qpes 2015 beta

Pes 2015 Patch match

Pes 2015 Patch match

Pes 2015 Patch Formation

Pes 2015 Patch Formation

Download Pes Patch qpes 2015 beta

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13 comments on “qpes 2015 beta (Pes 2015 Patch)
  1. zakar says:

    is it Compatible with online mode ??

  2. Lukas says:

    Arsenal team and bundesliga isn’t real. I still waiting for a good patch!

  3. SoSerious says:

    No patch at the moment replacing kit’s will work online
    Not until we get a file loader
    Jenkey is not making one for some time, we need a new fileloader/kit server to be made so it doesn’t affect online play

  4. AJ says:


    A love your work I wait for the official patch of your team and have a lot of fun with my friends!!



  5. MarkoTorres9 says:


  6. hossam says:

    No network checking in patch ????

  7. Ghazi says:

    Still waiting the official patch, with free sides controllers and unlocked the number of teams in Konami Ligue, plzz

  8. misho says:

    Will be soon.

  9. misho says:

    Yes. No network checking.

  10. misho says:

    Will be. also and Partizan Champion 🙂

  11. misho says:

    Will be soon.

  12. ssenyondofredrick says:

    its real

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