qpes 2014 v1

Konami last update (DLC 1.00 Ver. 1.01)
Added Bundesliga
All transfers are done
Real players names
Real teams emblems
Real kits
Real leagues names and emblems
PS3 buttons
No Konami balls + added Nike Incyte Hivis
Separated exe and save file
Game work with any others patch
Game works online




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17 comments on “qpes 2014 v1
  1. brate says:

    download link for pes 2014 please ?

  2. almin golbaa says:

    very slow speed

  3. Giuspes says:

    I downloaded the patch from mirror download, but, when I try to install it, it doesn’t works. Please help me ! I’ve got windows 7…

  4. Goran says:

    Game works online ???

  5. Hesham Emara says:

    there is a problem with this link if u could add another link

  6. Didit Demure says:

    Link very slow speed :(, please add new link, or upload in billion upload

  7. Богдан Пејановић says:


  8. pp666 says:

    What about stats? are they from PSD?

  9. Dario Osbourne says:

    Thank’s.. works perfect.. ^_^

  10. StrahinjaIzPickeMaterine says:

    the file contains invalid data


  11. Nyamka says:


  12. mohamed says:


  13. Meysam Kor says:

    can you help me?how install it?i have a problem in installation:installation not complett & the file contains invalid data :,(

  14. 'Γιώργος Πατσολιάς' says:

    in champions league competition game crushes after first match…

  15. Akram Alsadig says:

    is nice patch

  16. Jar3ck! says:

    i have the same problem ;/

  17. Jar3ck! says:

    where is the download link?

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