Best Pes 2013 Patch qpes v9

from QPES best PES 2013 patch 2013/2014

Season winter 2013/2014
In this pes patch all players have PSD stats (players stats from 10.2013.
All transvers are done (01.10.2013.)
All teams, league and competition are licensed
qpes v11 is pes 2013 patch containing the most faces and hairs: Added 2500 faces and 2000 hairs
Shirt formation player icon
Formation style position icon changed
PS3 pad and buttons
Menu graphics changed
Scoreboard changed
Real referee kits
No Konami balls (balls pack added – balls for all leagues)
No Konami adboards, stadiumboards and leds
No Konami replay logo
No Konami boots
No baners
No blur
No network checking
Chants added
Better lines on the field
New grass
Real stadiums names
Default Konami gameplay
qpes v9 working with others pes patches
to use this pes 2013 patch no need install previus

See video ilustration of qpes v11 best pes 2013 patch

Leagues in PES 2013 Patch qpes v11

Premier League
Ligue 1
Serie A
BundesligaOther Teams – Europa (46 teams)
Other Teams Latin America (20 teams)
UEFA Champions League (all 32 teams)

Tools used for creating patch

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v9 update available

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30 comments on “Best Pes 2013 Patch qpes v9
  1. prabin sharma says:

    where is the download button???
    and what is procedure to download patch ???

  2. misho says:

    Like and get patch 🙂

  3. Farico says:

    is comes an error code

  4. clapton says:

    moze li neko da mi posalje link na ?

  5. khaled talat says:


  6. francis says:

    pls do this patch have league competition

  7. Michael says:

    Hi guys i made torrent; sorry if i won’t be able to seed some time but my Raspberry Pi server is down due maintenance so i have to host it from my desktop, torrent file here: or magnet link here: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A6E33A1BB76AEF52C1CA0BD04721D6B93CE14503&dn=QPES2013-2014.exe&

  8. Angel B. says:

    Hi Michael, I just installed the patch but when is completed, the game won’t launch through the Pro Evolution Soccer by QPES.exe file, nothing, the QPES settings launch fine, but the main file did not. Can you check this?

  9. khaled talat says:


  10. Ji says:

    Hi, Micheal. Is it for PC or PS3?
    I’m not sure about it, so am just waiting. Also it is for US version, right?

  11. Gekko says:

    why is v9 based on konami 1.0 exe? v8 was based on konami 1.03 🙂

  12. Gekko says:

    great patch!

    v8 was based on KONAMI exe 1.03, why is v9 based on exe 1.0 ? with 1.0 you have to use an older version of jenkey’s gameplay tool 🙂

  13. djprle88 says:

    please update – Support for DLC 6.00

  14. DDD says:

    Thank u

  15. navidbakhtiary says:

    tanx a lot! it’s fantastic!tanx!

  16. mehmet says:


  17. khaled talat says:


  18. bolaray says:

    nice patch paaa

  19. Pocho says:

    Hola me baje el qpes v10 , pero cuando lo voy a jugar despues de un rato me pone como que el archivo esta dañado o mal instalado, alguna solucion? gracias!

  20. raul clark says:

    qpes a otro nivel

  21. Julián says:

    Es imposible descargar el QPES 2013 V9, solo me permite el V7, una cagada ya fue…

  22. galata fans says:

    Hajrovic is not in galatasaray!!

  23. DBsMmJ says:

  24. fredy says:

    muy buena la pagina

  25. cuddy jr says:

    I thought I’d get it 23 november but,bummer I did’nt:/

  26. yasser david says:

    ya intente…. y no me sale compartir para descargarlo

  27. says:

    I am so grateful for your article. Really Great.

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